Worker's Compensation


Schumacher Chiropractic Clinic doctors are experienced at treating work related injuries of all types. We have the expertise and understanding of the worker's compensation system and can lead you through the process.

Learn more about how Work Injuries are handled by clicking on the following sampling of questions we are often asked regarding this:


1. If I am injured at work, who covers my medical bills?

You have 100% coverage under worker's compensation insurance.

2. What does worker's compensation cover?

If you hurt yourself while performing your normal work activities, aggravate a previous injury or your problem has developed over time from repetitive movement during the course of your normal workday, you have coverage.

3. If I am injured at work, what should I do?

Report all minor injuries to your supervisor and contact our office for a thorough evaluation.

4. Do I have to see my employer's doctor, or can I choose the doctor I want to see?

You have the right to consult the doctor of your choice.

5. If I start treatment with another doctor and I'm not getting better, can I change doctors?

The worker's compensation rules allow you to change doctors. Contact our office if you need assistance with this matter.


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