Schumacher Chiropractic provides expert diagnosis and treatment of car accident whiplash injuries.

Whiplash, the sudden lurch of the head forward and back that accompanies a sudden stop, is the single most common injury associated with auto accidents.

Illustration of whiplash eventWhiplash injury is usually related to the muscles, joints ligaments and soft tissues of the neck and upper back. Disc injuries such as bulges and herniations are also related to the violent force exerted during a whiplash. What's difficult about whiplash is that you usually don't feel it immediately. It may be hours, days or even weeks before you sense the onset of headaches, pain or stiffness.

That makes it extra important to seek a chiropractic examination at one of our clinics, promptly after an auto accident. You should not assume you're all right after the accident just because you feel no pain.

Don't assume you don't have injuries after an auto accident - a prompt chiropractic exam is important!

We perform a number of spine-nerve diagnostic tests that can reveal the exact extent of your injury and what course of treatment is right for you. At Schumacher Chiropractic Clinic, we are experts at treating whiplash injuries and have over 34 years of experience dealing with attorney's and insurance adjusters enabling us to make sure your claim gets paid according to Minnesota no-fault laws. Our staff does all the insurance work for you, so you can focus on recovery.

Don't wait! To reveal the extent of your auto injuries, Call or text today and talk to a doctor immediately or submit the adjacent form and we will be happy to assist you Auto injury examinations can be scheduled for the same day when available. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist and help answer questions regarding your claim.

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