Disc Injuries

Schumacher Chiropractic targets disc injuries with specific treatments to help restore normal mobility.

Spinal discs do not have direct blood flow and rely on the surrounding joint fluids to get their nutrients to stay healthy. This process is called osmosis, and is similar to sponges absorbing water. If the spinal joints become misaligned or fixated and lose their normal motion, it limits the amount of nutrients the disc can absorb causing the disc to degenerate. This can lead to bulging, herniated, torn and dehydrated discs. These problems usually result in neck, arm, back or leg pain.

Our approach to treating disc injuries is to focus on the cause of the spinal misalignment. Gentle specific chiropractic adjustments are directed at restoring normal spinal joint mobility which helps improve the circulation to the disc. This form of treatment is extremely effective in decreasing the symptoms associated with disc injuries.

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