Spinal Screening Test

Try This Spinal Screening Test

Many health problems are the result of spinal subluxations. These subluxations often result in the appearance of unequal leg lengths. You can do these steps yourself:

Spinal screening test subject laying face downStep 1

Have the person being tested wear hard soled shoes and lay across a bed with their arms at their side, legs together, and feet hanging off the bed.

They must be face down. This is sometimes uncomfortable, but is necessary for an accurate test.






Spinal screening test subject leg length comparisonStep 2
2(a): Hold both feet with slight upward pressure. Observe leg lengths to see if one leg appears shorter than the other leg.





Spinal screening test subject leg length comparison2(b): Test again by bending the knees to compare. In many cases, the leg length may change from position 2(a) to position 2(b).






Spinal screening test subject leg length comparisonStep 3

A short leg in either position is a strong indication that spinal distortions are provoking muscle contractions that result in unequal leg lengths. If one leg appears shorter, call us today for a thorough evaluation.




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