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This weeks blog is about fire cider. Fire cider is a popular tonic to help boost the immune system. It was first developed in 1978 by a herbalist and has since grown in popularity. There are many brands for sale. I included this months newsletter with a recipe on how to make such a tonic.

I found this fabulous 21 page PDF jampacked with information regarding workplace injuries, workplace safety, how work injuries can occur and how chiropractic care can aid in work related conditions. I found the information extremely informative.

This week's blog is for the brainiacs, pun intended. It deals with your brain's limbic system and how it controls the hypothalamus and all the glands in your endocrine system.

Our monthly newsletter talks about mattresses and how important it is to get a good night sleep. It also talks about finding the right pillow and how to know what size is right for you. I thought this was a great topic for a blog this month as well so I've included the PDF for you review.

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This addition of my blog dovetails on the last blog involving the immune system. In this edition, I have included a PDF that talks about how the central nervous system influences the immune system and how science and research has redefined how we will address disease in the future.

This edition of my blog deals with strengthening your children's immune system.

I have a fun topic for this edition of my blog. Proprioception our sixth sense. About a year ago I was explaining some exercises to a retired college professor and used the term proprioception.

This week's edition of my blog is about infantile colic. Colic affects one out of every four infants. A recent study of newborns found that 99% of them hand a subluxation in the upper cervical spine. Subluxations can affect the function of the vagus nerve and lead to colic symptoms.